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18 Jul How To Break Free of Addictive Behaviors with Online Therapy

We are all addicted. Stop thinking about addiction only in regards to alcohol and drugs. Take a close look at your behaviors. Whenever you catch yourself doing something repetitively that you don’t even want to do, this would fall under an addictive behavior pattern. It can be sneaking junk food late at night, watching episode after episode of tv, obsessively cleaning, googling, and even working out excessively, etc. The good news is you are not your behavior patterns. That said, these behaviors are suffering as it is being used to numb feelings. And to make matters worse, it usually ends end up spiraling into a negative loop of beating yourself up. You perform the behavior to feel better or not feel and then wind up feeling worse. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as selectively numbing. When you choose this dysfunctional coping mechanism all emotions positive and negative are numbed. The result is that you wind up not feeling alive. This is where online therapy can help. 
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