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Margie Ahern


I love what I do. I feel privileged to help people become happier and healthier in a short period of time. It was a journey to get to this place of efficacy in my practice. In 1994, I graduated from a traditional program and received a Master’s in Counseling Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  I trained in systems family therapy, group, couples and individual therapy.  I went to work and discovered that classical talk therapy is a slow process that can provide some relief, but it also can exacerbate symptoms by fueling old neural pathways and habit patterns. This was not the kind of work I wanted to do.  In 2005, I began studying meditation and mindfulness attending 10-day and 30-day meditation retreats annually.  I developed a dedicated, daily meditation practice. I longed to bring these skills to my counseling as I personally understood the effectiveness of this training.  In 2013, I completed training with the Institute for Advanced Study-Mindfulness Rational Living which successfully merged my passion with my work.

My style is compassionate, encouraging, supportive and deeply respectful. I would be honored to join you on your journey to a fuller, richer life imbued with joy, calm and ease. It is possible. I offer “virtual” therapy in the privacy of your home, and I am available in-person and phone.

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