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Live a life of joy, calm & ease.

Parenting challenges have never been more complex. Juggling work demands, children, and social life spread us thin. Parenting peer pressure and social media chip away at confidence. We are overscheduled, harried, and exhausted. Perfectionism poses unrealistic and impossible expectations. Unresolved childhood issues haunt us.

Divorce and co-parenting pose unique challenges that can test patience and flare anger. History has a frustrating habit of repeating itself even when you know and want to do better.

You are not alone.

I will teach you how to set limits for yourself and your children. Learn to quiet that constant critical voice and bring a sense of humor and compassion to day-to-day parenting struggles. Gain skills through cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and meditation that dramatically decrease anger, anxiety, depression, and shame buffering stress. 

I will coach and cheerlead and together we will brainstorm creative solutions to parenting challenges. Learn to prioritize and take care of yourself increasing joy, calm and ease.

Counseling is available via online video, in-person and by phone. 

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”
-Dalai Lama

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