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Chronic Illness and Pain Management Therapy

Are you newly diagnosed or struggling with long-term chronic illness & pain?

Do limitations, fatigue, frustration, grief, or isolation keep you from living the life you want?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy coupled with mindfulness and meditation can create a powerful synergy for change.

Although the illness and pain won’t go away, changing your relationship to what is happening will create a positive shift as you move from resistance to acceptance. According to the Mayo Clinic, there is increasing evidence that regular mindfulness practice reduces a person’s pain experience.

Learn tools to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety, depression, grief, shame, and anger while finding new meaning and purpose.

My style is compassionate, encouraging, supportive and deeply respectful. I offer therapy in the privacy of your home via online video, in-person and phone.

I help clients with:

multiple sclerosis
heart issues
kidney disease
cystic fibrosis
chronic fatigue
back, hip, neck, or knee pain
and more…

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Available: Online Video, Phone & In-Person
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