Teen Counseling Tip #2: Setting Boundaries

Welcome to our series on building healthy communication channels with your teenager. Our first post was about the importance of active listening. In this installment, we will dive deep into the topic of setting boundaries—an essential aspect of fostering effective and...

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Teen Counseling Tips #1: Active Listening

At Go Mindful Counseling, we understand the challenges of building healthy communication channels, particularly in parent-teen relationships. In this series, we will share unique insights we’ve learned from practicing teen counseling to support you in fostering...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that is based on the principle that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected. The goal of CBT is to help individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that are causing distress, and to develop more positive, healthy patterns that lead to greater well-being.

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Anxiety and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

If anxiety impacts your life, you know how crippling the physical and mental symptoms can be. Catastrophizing thoughts and physical symptoms stemming from tension can interfere with day-to-day living and hold you back from doing the activities you enjoy.Common anxiety...

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10 Covid-19 Virus Coping Strategies

Our lives have been turned upside down overnight. We are trying to cope with tremendous changes along with health fears for ourselves and loved ones. All this while we are adjusting to a stay at home, isolated life. Some of us are juggling work and family and for some...

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